Submitting Urls to Search Engines

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Initial stage would be to submitting your website to search engines and assuring whether it is good for indexing.Databases, which are built by the softwares, index number of WebPages available. Google, Yahoo and MSN are the famous search engines, which enables you search from their databases with the keywords entered by the user from the web pages they have with number of options.
Databases are written by human editors, when you are searching from the directory, which is open or the old site directory. The actual content is not present from the pages of a particular site; this has only the short descriptions from the web site. When searching the web, indexing is the starting task done by these engines. Quality listing is being ensured and ranking your site with listing in the Open Directory.
Use the following checklist before submission:
• Check whether pages are complete
• Check with all the links for validity
• Optimization of all the pages.
• Compatibility with all the pages on the search engine.
• Assure that your pages are hidden like shopping cart from being indexed, by using Robots.txt or Robots META tag.
• Check with the accuracy and fully functioning, if you own an e-commerce site
No need to get information when you submit your website to normal engines. URL is what they exactly need. This information makes you feel at ease submitting the directories.
Submissions to Directories
Submitting your own websites to Directories involves some work unlike submitting them to google or yahoo where a single URL of the website is more than enough. It involves getting the right title, a crisp summary of the website, choosing the apt category to which the website belongs to and also some variations of descriptions. Finally wrapping it up, you can ensure to hit the right audience by choosing the right sites to place your URL to maximize your efforts.

Tips to Promote URLs

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There are three ways to go about promoting your website URL with search engines.
• Manual Website Promotion
• Automatic Website Promotion
• Custom Website Promotion
Manual Website Promotion / URL Submission
Manual website promotion requires that you visit each search engine site individually and fill out the required information for that search engine.
Automatic Website Promotion / URL Submission
The other method of promotion is to have your website URL automatically submitted to all of these search engines, links sites, indexed, etc. This is by visiting an "Auto-Submit URL" site. These website resources have a URL registration form, which you must complete. This form asks you for promotional information such as keywords, description, website title, services offered, etc. The forms are complete and do a fair job at representing the information required by the hundreds of search engines and directories out there. They then submit your URL to the many search engines in their database automatically.
Custom Website Promotion / URL Submission
Custom site promotion not only removes the entire hassle of website URL submittal from you, but also ensures that your website is properly prepared for promotion. Listing your URLs in 100 search engines just is not enough. Potential clients must optimize it for recovery during keyword searches. You can learn how to do this yourself, or you can hire experts do it for you. Will not only prepare your site for promotion, we will also do all the submitting.
Many directories feed their database results to other engines and directories, so if I have a description unique to each directory and I see that description pop up on other search sites, I know it is the result of that original directory submission and immediately recognize the value of that original submission.
Always make sure your submission details are relevant, interesting and accurate. If your site sounds just like a cookie-cutter version of others of the same topic, there is no incentive for the editor to include it.
Therefore, make the right choice, the URL is yours!

How to Add My URL Easily and Quickly to Search Engines

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Many people already have their online business designed, but the problem remains in answering the question: How do I add my URL to search engines? It is actually not a difficult task to complete in order to have your page listed on some of the highest ranking engines on the web.
For many cases you simply enter on the site that you want your website to be posted on and commence in following pertinent steps that they lay out for you. This is how it works in most of the cases. However, I summarized for you here the steps needed to submit your website to the most popular search engines.
In order to add your site on Google, you will need to visit the following address: Google.Com/addurl/ and follow all of the instructions that will be listed on the page for you. In this context, I would recommend you to have your email account details, your site title and short description ready in front of you.
As far as adding your URL to Yahoo, you will also need to visit a specified link, which is search. Yahoo.Com/info/submit and commence with the steps that they have listed as well. There are also a wide array of sites that will actually submit a link to your website to different search engines for you. Here again, do not forget to prepare the information of your site before you start with the submission process.
To adopt an optimal strategy to improve search engine ranking, you should learn how to add your URL to Dogpile. However, this task may not be as easy as you may have anticipated. This is due to the fact that Dogpile is extremely different from many other search engines.
In fact you have to already have a page that ranks high with engines such as Google and Yahoo before you can begin with the process of adding a link to Dogpile. The reason behind this is not well known and consistently defined.
On your way to achieve an ethical search engine optimization, you should not overlook WebCrawler. It has also become an interesting place where many people have shown an inquiry on how to add a URL to WebCrawler. With WebCrawler you will also be prompted to have to go through their parent companies, which are top engines such as Google and larger engines.
In this context, learning how to add your website to Lycos is something useful. It is based on some of the same concepts of the submission process to WebCrawler. When it comes to how you can add your site to Lycos, you have to be led through another company such as Ask and begin to rank well with them before your site will be visible on this search engine as well.
Recently, the question of "Where can I add my URL?" has become a prominent question that is asked by a lot of people on the internet. There are actually a lot of different places that a link to your website can be added to in order to get an increased response to your page.
Search engines are not the only proper destination to submit your site as article directories can definitely help to spread the word of mouth about your online business.